Luxury serviced apartments in Bangkok make life easier

Renting a luxury serviced apartment at Bangkok Garden allows you to reap all the benefits the city offers and enjoy living an active and productive lifestyle in comfort and convenience. Bangkok Garden provides garden oasis living in the heart of the business and financial district of Thailand’s capital city.
The luxury serviced apartments in our development are surrounded by 3 acres of lush tropical gardens. Within these gardens, you’ll find plenty of amenities.
Bangkok Garden is the ideal home for families, couples, and singles who have relocated to Bangkok, and business travellers visiting the city for less than a year. Renting a serviced apartment is often the best choice for residents in town for a limited time. Most condos and apartments in Bangkok only offer leases for a year or more. Serviced apartments allow you to live for a month or more as you would at home. You can prepare your meals, wash your clothes and enjoy living in an apartment with multiple rooms, unlike the limited freedoms and features of living in a hotel for months on end.
Bangkok Garden is also a cut above most other serviced apartments in the city. When you step into the tropical gardens within the complex, you’ll meet an active community of diverse people enjoying life to the fullest in the heart of one of the busiest areas of Bangkok. Bangkok Garden has much to offer whatever your lifestyle.

Live in the heart of the city at Bangkok Garden


Families discovering Bangkok Garden want to make it their permanent home. They’re taken by the luxurious, spacious size of the apartments that include up to four bedrooms. They’re also impressed by the extent of the conveniences included in the apartments. The kitchens have everything a family needs to prepare and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have laundry facilities. The living areas and main bedrooms have large Smart TVs, and the entire apartment has high-speed WiFi that allows everyone to stay in touch with the world.
The whole family can enjoy their favourite sports activities with two swimming pools, a jogging track, a basketball court, a table tennis area, and a fully-equipped fitness room. A sauna and Jacuzzi allow you to relax in luxury after your workout. Kids will love the covered children’s playground that allows them to play come rain or shine. Parents will also greatly appreciate the attention that Bangkok Garden pays to keep residents safe and secure with 24-hour security and CCTV covering the entire area. Kids can enjoy the lawns, garden paths and swimming pools in complete safety.


Couples relocating to Bangkok love the community atmosphere at Bangkok Garden, which allows them many opportunities to meet their neighbours and develop new friendships. We have two coffee shops where you can relax with your new friends and your favourite beverage while you chat and watch the world go by.
Couples often want to get out on the weekends, spend time together and explore the city. The Silom area offers convenient transport connections with both the BTS Skytrain and MRT nearby. These modern, air-conditioned public rail transportation systems allow city-dwellers to avoid the notorious Bangkok traffic and quickly and easily reach all the most iconic and must-see sights in the city.
Couples who enjoy shopping, eating at all the best restaurants and exploring the nightlife of the city will appreciate the convenience of the rapid rail transit systems and living in the heart of one of the most exciting and colourful cities in the world.


Moving to the city alone can be daunting, especially when it comes to house-hunting.
Most single business people want to find a place away from the office where they can meet new friends. Bangkok Garden is the perfect place to begin new friendships while jogging around our track or joining in a casual pick-up basketball game. After the game, you can continue the conversation in one of the four restaurants on our property or explore the surrounding neighbourhood restaurants with your new friends.
Cleaning your home is also the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day. This is why a luxury serviced apartment is ideal for the single lifestyle in Bangkok. At Bangkok Garden, renting a serviced apartment entitles you to maid service three times a week, complete with fresh linen and towels. Not having to spend time cleaning your apartment allows you to spend more time socialising and meeting new people.

Business Travellers

For many business travellers staying a month or more, the job is the main focus when you step off the plane. You want to find a place that offers the shortest commute to the office but allows you a lifestyle that keeps you healthy and happy. More and more business travellers are discovering that renting a serviced apartment is the best way to maintain a healthy balance of work and home life when you’re on the road in an unfamiliar city.
Being able to put your feet up at the end of the day and switch on the TV while the aroma of your favourite dish wafts in from the kitchen helps keep you balanced and positive when you’re far from home.
Bangkok Garden has the added attraction of having two convenience stores within a short walk of your door. Knowing where to quickly pick up the staples you need without having to traipse around the neighbourhood makes life easier when you want to relax.
For many families, couples, singles and business travellers, renting a luxury Bangkok Garden serviced apartment in the heart of the city’s business and financial district is the best way to experience Bangkok. Call us to arrange a tour of the two, three, and four-bedroom serviced apartments we have available and see the variety of amenities available within our lush, tropical garden complex.