Choosing the right serviced apartment can make a difference when you’re living in a new city.

Living in a brand new city can be a very exciting experience, especially when coming from a different country where the sights, smells and culture are vastly different from what you’re used to. However, the top concern for many moving to a new country is often the lack of local experience and expertise. There are also many considerations for an expat looking for a serviced apartment rental. Let’s take a look at some important things for you to consider when apartment hunting in the city.

Maid Service

Serviced apartment rentals can come with in-house maid service

Perhaps one of the most important things when looking for a serviced apartment is maid service. Single people and families alike will appreciate the additional help keeping the house clean and tidy.
The convenience of having a maid to look after your basic needs and household chores is important, especially if you have a job that requires 100% of your focus and leaves you with little free time. It would be ideal to have a serviced apartment that takes care of this for you so you can have more time to focus on your career and enjoy life in the lively and vibrant city.

Fully equipped

If you’re moving to Bangkok for work, it’s more than likely that you will not be bringing much, if any, furniture with you. From both a financial and convenience standpoint, it would be impractical to invest heavily in new furniture for your apartment if you’re living and working as an expat in Bangkok.
It would be greatly inconvenient if you were to suddenly be posted to a different location and had to deal with the hassle of selling off or giving away the furniture you’ve accumulated during your stay. Therefore, it would be best to find an apartment that already comes fully equipped with quality furniture and appliances. This allows you to quickly get up and running in your new accommodation.

Great location

If you’re new to the city, finding the perfect location that’s close to the amenities you need most would be ideal. While acquiring a motorcycle or car isn’t too expensive in Thailand, it probably wouldn’t be an ideal option if you weren’t entirely sure of the length of your stay in the country. Therefore, it would be best to find a place that is close to public transport links like the BTS and MRT.
If you are moving with your family, it’s also important to be situated close to reputable international schools. Being close to school is extremely important in Bangkok, as the morning traffic situation can get pretty hairy. Any distance longer than five kilometres can result in being caught in a gridlock for more than an hour each morning which can significantly impact your quality of life living in Bangkok.


While Bangkok is a relatively safe city, crimes do still occur occasionally. Therefore having an apartment that has reliable security is important. Not just for you but for your family. Finding an apartment with 24-hour security and full CCTV coverage will give you extra peace of mind.

Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff

Lastly, having a team of helpful and knowledgeable staff to assist you in settling into your new home and building a new life in Bangkok will greatly improve your experience. Perhaps your kitchen sink has sprung a leak or you need help from an electrician. It would be reassuring to know that someone is always available to help you when you need it.

Bangkok Garden Apartment

Bangkok Garden Apartment fulfils all the above and more. Our serviced apartments are clean, newly renovated and suitably equipped for immediate occupancy. Located conveniently in the heart of the Sathorn district, we’re close to many amenities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Convenience stores
  • Shopping centres
  • International schools
  • BTS and MRT stations

There are a number of apartment options available at Bangkok Garden Apartment to suit different needs and different family sizes:

  • 2-bedroom serviced apartment (120 sq m)
  • 3-bedroom serviced apartment (120 sq m)
  • 4-bedroom serviced apartment (240 sq m)

There can be a lot of anxiety when moving to a new city, but choosing the right apartment can make your life a lot easier. Visit Bangkok Garden Apartment and let us take away the stress of living in a new city.