A lush tropical garden creates a kid-friendly space near your apartment.

Keeping your children out of mischief can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. That’s why most parents try to create kid-friendly spaces in their apartment. Besides the safety aspect of creating a space in your apartment that’s friendly for kids, adding certain features to assist them in their learning and cognitive development is useful too.

Here is our guide to creating kid-friendly spaces in your apartment.


Using the Walls

It’s difficult keeping sticky hands away from important items around your home. This is especially true of toddlers, whose brains are developing at a rapid pace which means they’re curious to explore anything they can get their hands on.

Wall shelves are a quick and easy way to keep your items out of reach. You can even make them a feature of the room by choosing wacky colours or arranging the shelves in a random but organised pattern. Shelves will also ensure that your floors stay clean and free of any items that could trip your toddlers as they test-drive their newfound mobility.

Shelves aren’t just practical, they’re also a great way of improving your decor. Hang up your favourite paintings or photos and introduce some colour to an otherwise dull room.


A Rug for your Rugrats

Having a soft landing pad for your energetic kids is a great way to make your apartment living space more kid-friendly. On top of that, carpets help to create a more cosy and comfortable space for you and your child to relax in. However, it’s important to clean your carpets regularly to prevent dust and allergens from accumulating.

If for any reason you can’t use carpets, you can consider using play mats made from dense foam. Not only are these great at keeping your kids safe, but they also come in a variety of attractive colours to engage your child’s visual learning synapses.


Choosing the Right Materials

When it comes to creating kid-friendly spaces in your apartment, it’s important to choose materials that will withstand the rigours of playtime. Acrylic often comes to mind as it’s not only a very safe material to work with, but it’s also relatively cheap and easy to maintain. Plush upholstery with easy-to-clean fabrics would be an ideal addition to any playroom or living room.


Air-conditioning and Air Purifiers

Kids are especially vulnerable to diseases and viruses hanging in the air because their immune systems aren’t fully developed yet. That’s why it’s essential not just to have air-conditioning (AC) but AC that is maintained regularly.

Air purifiers are perfect companions to AC as they keep the recirculating air free from airborne viruses and pathogens that could possibly cause an infection or a virus.


A Kid-Friendly Apartment

Aside from creating a kid-friendly environment inside your apartment, it’s important that the outside areas are safe too. 24-hour security, spacious gardens, and dedicated play zones for children are just some of the features you should have on your list when apartment hunting.


Bangkok Garden Apartment

Kid-friendly spaces can be found at Bangkok Garden Apartment’s playground.

Bangkok Garden Apartment provides a kid-friendly environment for your children with 24-hour security, maid service, and dedicated playground facilities. We know that keeping your kids entertained can be a challenge at times which is why our apartments have plenty of outdoor areas where your children can explore and play.

A lush tropical garden is a perfect place for your kids to burn off their excess energy as they run among the trees and water features. We also have an expansive swimming pool where your entire family can cool off from the scorching tropical Bangkok heat in the summer. Our children’s playground is designed with the weather in mind, which is why it is sheltered and fitted with soft tiles to prevent injury.

Bangkok Garden Apartment offers serviced apartments that make it easy for any family to settle in and live comfortably during their time in Bangkok. Our staff are all well-versed in the English language and will be able to assist you with anything you need. Contact us now for a viewing and enjoy your time living in our vibrant city.