A Guide for Expat: How to Rent an Apartment in Bangkok

A Guide for Expat: How to Rent an Apartment in Bangkok 1

          Bangkok has become one of the most popular destinations among expats. Finding an apartment in Bangkok as your second home can be challenging if you don’t know what to consider. So before we get into what is needed to be considered, it’s good to know whether you’re looking to rent an apartment in Bangkok or a serviced apartment

The Simplicity of a Serviced Apartment

Generally, serviced apartments provide additional services that regular apartments don’t. You can expect room service to come in and clean your serviced apartment regularly. Towels, linens can also be supplied, as well as dishes and cookware.
Serviced apartments are designed for expats or travelers who are here for a more extended period. You’ll pay extra for the added services of a serviced apartment, but it will be well worthwhile as you will not have to invest in any household utensils or home appliances.
Serviced apartments are located in many prime areas of the city. However, most expats tend to live within Central Bangkok or in areas that are close to the Skytrain (BTS) or Underground Station (MRT). The most popular areas for expats tend to be Sukhumvit and Silom – Sathorn

Facilities and Neighborhood

Besides the great location, what you will need to consider before renting an apartment are its, facilities, and neighborhood. For instance, if you’re in a town with your family or kids, you will also have to look for a bigger room, maybe a 2 or 3-bedroom serviced apartment. You will also have to take schooling into account since kids should have activities that will keep them busy.
Here’s a checklist to help you make your decision easier

  • Outdoor Garden

    A Guide for Expat: How to Rent an Apartment in Bangkok 2

    As you will be living in an apartment, it’s always good to have an outdoor area to get fresh air so that your kids will get to enjoy running on the green fields and experience an enjoyable moment. An outdoor area will provide enough space for the entire residents, and still have sufficient space for privacy and relaxation.

  • A Swimming Pool

    A Guide for Expat: How to Rent an Apartment in Bangkok 3

    Give yourself a break from urban life by spending your free time at the pool. Enjoy the warm water, under the sunlight with your family or friends. If you’re relocating with kids, make sure that the apartment has a swimming pool, as well as a kid’s swimming pool so that your entire family can have an amazing day in the pool together.


  • Kids-Friendly Activities

    A Guide for Expat: How to Rent an Apartment in Bangkok 4

    As mentioned above, if you’re moving with kids, it is essential to have a safe and friendly environment for your child. You should look for a family-friendly apartment where your child can enjoy playing in the playground or swimming pool without you having to worry. It would be even better if your apartment is located near the school and other fun facilities within walking distance from the apartment.


  • Expat Community

    Language is also a challenge for renting an apartment in Bangkok as some staff probably doesn’t speak fluent English, so it’s better to get an apartment with an expat community where apartment staff can speak English and are familiar with expat residents. This will help the apartment feels more like your second home, and your neighbors will be more understanding since they share your experience and can help you during your stay.


  • Neighborhood area

    Close to workplace
    Close to public transportation hub (if you’re not planning to have a private car)
    Close to convenient stores
    Close to restaurants or groceries stores
    Close to school
    Close to hospitals
    Close to public parks

Renting an Apartment in Bangkok

Up until this point, you probably know what to consider before renting an apartment in Bangkok.
After you found the right one, the first thing to do is to contact the salesperson and schedule a tour. The first thing the salesperson will do is take you to,

  • Inspect the property

    Make sure the property is in good condition and all the provided home appliances are working as it should. Check the electricity and water system, is there any water leaking? or is there any maintenance required? Also, make sure the shared area is well maintained and secured.
    Once you’ve picked your perfect apartment, the next steps are a little complicated but these points will help you,


  • Prepare the document

    As an expat, you’ll need to present your passport and visa when you rent an apartment in Thailand. For rental periods that will exceed the validity of a tourist visa (generally anything over two months), you will have to show a temporary residence visa as well. Expats working with a registered company in Thailand should request temporary work permits and visa extensions from the company employing them. These documents will allow you to rent apartments during your stay.


  • Planning your moving

    Pack your belongings properly as it will be transported over the country. Book a delivery service to help your transportation smooth and fast. Getting insurance is also recommended to prevent any damages that might happen during the transportation

Bangkok Garden Has Apartments in the Heart of Sathorn

A Guide for Expat: How to Rent an Apartment in Bangkok 5

If you’re working in the heart of the business district in Bangkok, one of the best locations to rent an apartment is Bangkok Garden.
They have 2 and 3-bedroom serviced apartments in Sathorn that provide a short and convenient commute to all the major businesses in the city.

They also provide a spacious garden grounds that are a safe and comfortable place to play for your children. Their location is also close to restaurants and shopping that make living in Bangkok so unique and enjoyable.

Find out more details about our room types and facilities or contact our sales team. We’d love to welcome you here and answer any of your inquiries.