Discover Family-Friendly Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

Discover Family-Friendly Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

Bangkok has become one of the most popular destinations among expats in Asia. This cosmopolitan and thriving hub is drawing in professionals from around the world due to its rich culture and low cost of living. To help new arrivals find their feet, we have put together this ‘survival guide’ to help families in particular find family-friendly serviced apartments in Bangkok.

However, finding an apartment in Bangkok as your new ‘home away from home’ can be challenging if you don’t know what to consider in your search. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what needs to be considered (price, location, facilities, services, etc.), it’s good to know whether your needs lean towards finding a regular apartment or serviced one for rent in Bangkok, and whether it will be for the long-term or short-term. This will help narrow down your hunt considerably.

The Simplicity of Serviced Apartment Living

Generally, both long-term and short-term kid-friendly serviced apartments for rent in Bangkok provide additional services and space that regular apartments do not. You can expect a maid service to come in and service your apartment regularly. Fresh towels and linens will be supplied weekly, and the kitchen will be well-equipped with utensils, dishes, and cookware.

Our short-term serviced apartments for rent in Bangkok are designed for expats or travelers who plan to be in one spot for an extended period (i.e. a few months), but not long enough to take out a standard lease (typically 12 months). You will pay extra for the added services and short-term lease, but it will be well worth it as you will not have to invest in any household items, like appliances and bedding.

The other great thing about serviced apartments is that they are located in many prime areas around the city. Most expats tend to live within Central Bangkok or in areas that are close to the skytrain (BTS) and subway (MRT). The most popular areas for expats to reside are Sukhumvit and the Silom and Sathorn areas.

Facilities & Neighborhood

Besides the great location, what you’ll need to consider before renting an apartment are its facilities and neighborhood. If you are in town with your family, you’ll have to look for a bigger place, such as a 2, 3, or 4-bedroom, child-friendly serviced apartment in Bangkok. You’ll also have to take schooling and after-school and weekend activities into account. If you don’t plan to buy or rent a car, being close to public transportation and connected highways will be important.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you make your decisions easier:

Outdoor Garden

A lush tropical garden creates a kid-friendly space near your apartment.

As you’ll be living in an apartment, it’s always good to have adequate outdoor areas in which to get fresh air and exercise; this is especially true for children. Make sure you choose a home with enough outdoor space for all family members to enjoy privacy and relaxation. A lush tropical garden is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city living and enjoy some tranquility.

Swimming Pools

bangkok garden swimming pool

Give yourself a break from urban life by enjoying the pool. Enjoy the refreshing water and golden sunlight with your family or friends. If you are relocating with kids, make sure that the apartment has a swimming pool, as well as a separate kid’s swimming pool, so your entire family can have an amazing time in the pool together.


Kid-friendly spaces can be found at Bangkok Garden Apartment’s playground.

As mentioned above, if you’re moving with kids, it’s essential to have a safe and friendly environment for children. You should look for a family-friendly apartment in Bangkok where your child can enjoy playing in the playground or swimming in the pool without safety concerns. If your apartment is located near a good international school, park, hospital, and other entertainment facilities in Bangkok, even better!

Expat Community

Language can often be a challenge when renting a serviced apartment in Bangkok, as not all administrative staff can speak fluent English or Chinese. So make sure your apartment building of choice can provide adequate language skills for smooth communication. What’s more, it’s better to focus on serviced apartment rentals in a complex with an established expat community, as the management there will already be familiar with expatriate residents and their needs. A group of like-minded neighbors will help you settle in quickly and feel more at home; they will also be a great resource in helping you navigate a new city. Bangkok Garden has a large expat community made up of American citizens, UK citizens, and Chinese citizens, to name just a few! So wherever you’re from, you’ll have the friendly Bangkok Garden community waiting to welcome you!

Neighborhood area

Close to workplaces (downtown CBD)
Close to public transportation (BTS, MRT, BRT)
Close to convenience stores
Close to restaurants and groceries stores
Close to international schools
Close to international hospitals
Close to public parks and entertainment venues

Renting an Apartment in Bangkok

After you locate what you feel is the right apartment building for you, the first thing you need to do is contact a salesperson to schedule a tour. This person will take you on a tour of the unit and on-site facilities and explain to you the lease terms and required documentation.


Make sure the property is in good condition, and all the provided home appliances are working as they should. Check that the electricity and water supplies are working properly and check for any leaks or broken items. Make a list of any required maintenance. Take photos of any existing flaws, for example, chipped furniture or faulty appliances. Also, make sure the building’s shared common areas are well maintained and secure.
Once you have picked your perfect apartment, there are two more steps to consider:


As an expat, you will need to present your passport and visa when you rent an apartment in Thailand. For rental periods that exceed the validity of a tourist visa (generally anything over two months), you will have to show a temporary residence visa. Expats working with a registered company in Thailand should have no problem getting the necessary documentation. These documents will allow you to easily and securely rent an apartment during your stay in the City of Angels.


Pack your belongings properly. Book a delivery service to help make your relocation smooth and fast. Getting insurance is also recommended to prevent any damages that might happen during the transportation process.

Bangkok Garden Has Apartments in the Heart of Sathorn

A Guide for Expat: How to Rent an Apartment in Bangkok 1

If you’re working in the heart of the city’s central business district (CBD), one of the best locations to rent a modern, family-friendly serviced apartment is at Bangkok Garden Apartment on Narathiwat Road.

We have 2, 3, and 4-bedroom kid-friendly apartments for rent in the heart of Sathorn, Bangkok, providing a short and convenient commute to all the major business districts in the city and a slew of top international schools.

Perhaps most importantly for families, the kid-friendly apartments we provide for rent in Bangkok are set in a large, tropical garden covering 3 acres. With CCTV and 24-hour security, our lush and spacious garden is a safe and comfortable place for children to play. The housing complex is also close to many neighborhood restaurants, shops, and international schools.

Find out more details about our room types and facilities or contact our sales team. We’d love to welcome you here for a private tour and answer any of your inquiries.