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Enjoy a Serviced Apartment in Bangkok with a Monthly Rate

Couples or families that arrive in Bangkok for work or study are soon faced with an unpleasant reality when looking for suitable accommodation. Generally, apartments in the city are only offered on a yearly lease basis and require a rental deposit from the tenant. If you have to leave before the end of your lease, you may be forced to forfeit the deposit.

Fortunately, there are serviced apartments in Bangkok on a monthly rate. Unfortunately, a lot of these serviced apartments are owned by, and run like, hotels. They may be fine for singles and couples who are used to life on the road, but they don’t usually have the facilities and warm ambience that offer a home-like atmosphere to children.

With limited options available, most parents try to make these sterile, serviced apartments work as best as they can for their children. They schedule activities for their kids after-school and try to keep them as busy as possible and out of the apartment.

Bangkok Garden Offers the Best Alternative

There is an alternative to these sterile and hotel-like apartments, though. Bangkok Garden offers a monthly rate for a serviced apartment in Bangkok. This means that you can rent a two, three, or four-bedroom apartment in the heart of the business district in Bangkok. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your stay knowing that if your career prospects take you elsewhere, you can leave and not be penalised for it.

Renting a Bangkok Garden serviced apartment on a monthly rate basis provides you with a genuine home-like apartment, plus a number of facilities and amenities that other serviced apartments can’t offer. These features are designed to appeal to families with active children who love to get out and run around in comfort and safety.

Spacious Walled Grounds

While most of the other serviced apartments in Bangkok offering a monthly rate provide a swimming pool and fitness centre, they simply can’t compete with the over three acres of lush, walled gardens surrounding Bangkok Gardens.

Nor can they compete with the facilities and amenities within these grounds. Bangkok Garden is the ideal home for active families. It offers two immense swimming pools, a jogging track, basketball court, table tennis area, fitness centre, sauna, Jacuzzi and, best of all, a playground for your kids that’s sheltered from the elements.

When your family gets hungry after all these activities, you won’t have to leave the 24-hour, security patrolled and CCTV monitored grounds, and you don’t need to! Bangkok Garden has two convenience stores, two coffee shops, and four restaurants. It even has a beauty salon.

Beautiful Apartments Come with Everything You Need

The spacious and airy apartments come with everything you need to enjoy your new life in Bangkok. There is a fully-equipped kitchen containing everything from pots, pans, tableware and cooking utensils to an electric stove, microwave and roomy refrigerator.

You’ll stay connected with the world via your apartment’s high-speed wireless internet and the two large smart TVs in the master bedroom and living area. The washing machine, iron and ironing board will help to keep your family looking their best, too.

Serviced Apartments Allow You More Free Time

Of course, one of the biggest pluses of renting a serviced apartment is the amount of free time it provides. With no need to spend hours keeping the house clean and tidy, you have more time to spend with your family.

The maid service at Bangkok Garden comes three times a week and brings you fresh linen and towels. It allows you to make full use of the facilities and amenities on-site, or spend time sightseeing with your family in Bangkok.

Bangkok Garden offers the ideal solution to accommodation for short-term residents in Bangkok. Reap the considerable benefits of renting a Bangkok Garden serviced apartment on a monthly rate. Your family will appreciate the active and pleasant lifestyle in the heart of the city, and you won’t have to worry about losing your deposit when you choose to leave.