Moving Into a Long-Term Serviced Apartment in Bangkok

Bangkok is a rapidly growing metropolis with many exciting and promising opportunities for expats. With the Thai government’s recent initiatives to boost startups and long-term residency opportunities, an increasing number of individuals are relocating to Thailand for jobs, retirement, or simply sunnier weather.
When settling into a new city, it’s crucial to think about where you’ll live, particularly if you’re moving with your family. If Bangkok is your destination, renting a serviced apartment for long stays might be a wise choice.

Let’s explore some of the numerous benefits of renting serviced apartments for long stays in Bangkok.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

Living in a Long-Term Serviced Apartment in Bangkok

A serviced apartment is a furnished apartment that you can book for either short or long stays. They typically come with access to the facilities you would expect to find in a luxury condominium, such as a swimming pool and gym. The monthly rental price usually includes taxes, utilities, and even housekeeping services.

Serviced apartments mirror hotels in several areas, but the key difference is that they come with a lot more living space. You can expect to find a full kitchen and two or three large bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. In some higher-end apartments, you’ll have 24-hour concierge services, meeting rooms, and gym facilities.

Why Choose A Serviced Apartment In Bangkok?

Let’s explore why a serviced apartment is a better choice for your new home in Bangkok.


For long stays in Bangkok, serviced apartments offer a clear advantage over hotels. These accommodations provide a more home-like feel, with ample space for your belongings. If you work remotely, you’ll have dedicated rooms to separate your work area from your living space, a luxury missing in cramped hotel rooms. The real game-changer? A fully equipped kitchen, allowing you to easily prepare meals and host memorable dinner parties for friends and family.


For long stays, hotel costs can balloon quickly. Serviced apartments offer a more budget-friendly option while maintaining a high standard of living. Many even include valuable facilities like state-of-the-art gyms or jacuzzis at no extra charge. The longer your stay, the more financially advantageous a serviced apartment becomes for your time in Bangkok.


Unlike traditional apartment rentals, serviced apartments offer ultimate flexibility. You can stay for any duration without the constraints of lengthy contracts or lock-in periods. This freedom makes them ideal for business travelers, digital nomads, or anyone who needs the option to move at short notice.

How to Choose the Perfect Serviced Apartment

Now that you’ve decided to choose a serviced apartment, how do you make sure you pick the right one? Here are some things to consider:


The location of your apartment is crucial. If you depend on public transport, look for a place near subway stations or with convenient access to other transportation options. For those who drive, an apartment near major roads or motorways is ideal for easy city access.

Bangkok Garden Apartment is located in the busy Sathorn district – a financial hub and home to major international business centers, banks, offices, schools, and entertainment venues. Our apartments are just minutes from the Chong Nonsi BTS station and offer quick access to major expressways and attractions like Sukhumvit, Rama 9, and Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Room Categories

Identifying the type of serviced apartment that fits your long-stay needs in Bangkok is essential. Condos might suit singles or couples, while larger families or working professionals may prefer two- to four-bedroom apartments.

Bangkok Garden offers a range of fully-furnished living spaces in Sathorn, from standard rentals and condos to luxury serviced apartments with maid service.

Amenities and Facilities

The ideal apartment should enhance your lifestyle. Look for facilities like swimming pools, gyms, and proximity to grocery stores for convenience. For families with children, nearby reputable international schools are a plus, ensuring your children’s education continues without disruption. We’re close to New Sathorn International School and a short drive from Shrewsbury International School and Garden International School, offering high-quality education for ages three to eighteen.

In Bangkok Garden Apartment, you can access a three-acre tropical garden, two swimming pools, a children’s playground, a jacuzzi, a sauna, and a basketball court.

Life can get busy when settling into a new place – this is where the option of our maid services comes in handy.

Bangkok Garden Apartments – Your New Home

Our serviced apartments in Sathorn are the perfect solution for long-term stays. Our property prioritizes your safety and comfort with 24/7 surveillance and friendly, English-speaking staff to assist you with all your requirements.

Choose from a diverse range of apartment sizes and layouts, including options up to four bedrooms, to perfectly suit your needs.

Contact us today for availability.