For families living in or relocating to Bangkok, one of the most important decisions is selecting the right school for their children. While the city offers a variety of education options, international schools provide an exceptional experience that prepares students for success in our increasingly global world.

Attending an international school in Bangkok gives students a distinct competitive advantage thanks to the multicultural, world-class learning environment. When it comes to student life in Bangkok, an international school is a must for foreign students, as the language barrier and unfamiliar curriculum prevent enrollment in local schools. However, many Thai parents also prefer to enroll their children in one of the many international schools in the city as the quality of the education they provide is far superior to that of local schools. Here’s a closer look at some of the key benefits of international schools in Bangkok:

Multicultural Environment

One of the biggest draws of international schools is the chance to learn, play, and grow alongside peers from all over the world. With families hailing from dozens of different countries and cultures, international student life in Bangkok exposes children to diverse backgrounds and viewpoints from an early age. This fosters open-mindedness, cultural understanding, and social skills that serve them well in our interconnected world.

English Curriculum

Along with celebrating cultural diversity, international schools prioritize English language learning. English has become the de facto language of commerce, industry, science and medicine throughout the world. Students are taught by native-English-speaking teachers and become fluent in the English language, opening doors to future educational and career opportunities around the globe.

High-Quality Education

International schools adhere to rigorous standards of excellence, with highly qualified teachers providing a world-class curriculum. Students receive a top-tier education that prepares them for admission to elite universities worldwide.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Academics are just one part of the equation at international schools. A vast range of extracurricular clubs, sports, arts programs, and more enhance student life and allow students to explore their interests and develop passions outside the classroom. From music and drama to team sports and STEM activities, students thrive by discovering new interests and talents.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

To provide this exceptional student life, international schools in Bangkok are equipped with some of the most modern facilities and cutting-edge resources in academia today. Students learn in technology-enabled smart classrooms, enjoy access to libraries and science labs, and play on expansive green spaces and sports fields. These inspiring environments energize the learning experience.

Spacious Accommodations Near International Schools

Living at Bangkok Garden Apartment can shorten your child’s commute

One key logistical consideration for families is finding a comfortable apartment near the international schools in Bangkok. This allows for a smoother routine with minimal time spent battling Bangkok’s notorious traffic. Even with the transportation service provided by these high-quality international schools, living close to a child’s school means parents can easily attend performances, sports competitions or parent-teacher conferences.

Serviced apartments like those offered by Bangkok Garden Apartment provide the ideal solution. Our luxurious residence is centrally located in Bangkok’s Sathorn district, just minutes from some of the city’s leading international schools, including:

  • Aster International School
  • King’s College International School
  • Shrewsbury International School
  • Garden International School

Comfort & Convenience at Bangkok Garden

Along with providing a coveted address near some of the best international schools in the city, Bangkok Garden Apartment also delivers a superior living experience for families making their home in Bangkok. Spacious three- and four-bedroom apartments offer abundant living space, roomy and private bedrooms, and all the comforts of a modern luxury residence.

The amenities are all around you, from the resort-style outdoor pools in our three acres of manicured tropical gardens to children’s play areas, sports facilities, restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience stores that make life easier. Parents will appreciate the 24/7 security and the three-times-weekly maid service that comes with the lease of a serviced apartment at Bangkok Garden Apartment.

With its perfect location, spacious accommodations, and family-friendly amenities, Bangkok Garden Apartment provides the ultimate home base for families pursuing an international school education. Enjoy upscale family living located just minutes from several top international schools in Bangkok’s vibrant central business district. Contact us today to learn more about reserving your spacious serviced apartment.