Bangkok is a popular destination for expatriates and has several neighbourhoods with large expat communities. Many expatriates choose to stay in luxury apartments for rent in Sathorn and other areas within the city’s Central Business District. Dive in as we explore the best Bangkok neighbourhoods for expats to live in.

Best Expat Communities in Bangkok

Aerial view of Bangkok’s business districts and parks

Ekkamai and Thong Lo

The Ekkamai and Thong Lo area is known for its chic cafés, gourmet restaurants, hip bars, and boutique shopping. It is perfect for younger expats or those who enjoy the vibrant nightlife and multicultural vibe. This trendy area is recognised as a hub for Thai celebrities and affluent expats.

Phrom Phong

Home to some of Bangkok’s most upscale shopping centres, Emporium and EmQuartier, Phrom Phong is both posh and convenient. The neighbourhood caters to expats who prefer a refined lifestyle. It is also a family-friendly zone with nearby international schools and parks. Phrom Phong’s blend of local and expat communities gives it a unique charm.

Lat Phrao

For those who appreciate a more laid-back environment, Lat Phrao is a more serene residential area slightly away from the city’s central districts. It offers a more local vibe, which many expats love. Parks, weekend markets like Chatuchak, and local eateries give this area a unique charm.


This long boulevard is the commercial heart of Bangkok, packed with hotels, bars, and international restaurants. The Nana and Asok areas of Sukhumvit are particularly popular among expats.


Another major business district, this area transforms into a lively market street in the evening. Expats here can enjoy both the corporate aura by day and the fun nightlife post-sunset.


Close to the central Siam shopping area, it offers a balance between urban living and more traditional Thai neighbourhoods. Its proximity to cultural landmarks makes it an interesting place to stay.


This business district is not just about towering office buildings. Sathorn houses some of the city’s most luxurious living spaces and some of the best expat communities in Bangkok.
While these neighbourhoods offer varied residential options, from buzzing streets to quieter residential roads, one thing remains consistent: the promise of an exciting life in Bangkok.

Living Spaces in Bangkok

Whether you live alone, as a couple, or have a family accompanying you, Bangkok offers an array of accommodation options:


Usually more affordable, apartments are great for those staying short-term or on a tighter budget.

Serviced Apartments

A favourite among expats, these are fully furnished spaces with facilities like housekeeping, pools, and fitness centres.


Ideal for those planning a more extended stay, condos often come with a range of amenities and convenient facilities.


For families that need space, renting an entire house can be a good idea, though they are typically located on the city’s outskirts.
Be it a serviced apartment, condominium, or house, make sure to choose the accommodation that fits your lifestyle.

Bangkok Garden: Your Tropical Haven in Sathorn

If you prefer the convenience of serviced apartments, you cannot go wrong with Bangkok Garden Apartments in the Sathorn area. Immersed amidst lush greenery, Bangkok Garden provides a harmonious blend of urban luxury and nature’s tranquillity, making it an ideal choice for expat families seeking the best of both worlds.

Situated in the heart of the business and financial district, Bangkok Garden allows residents to be close to work, leisure spots, and essential services, minimising commutes and maximising personal time. The sprawling tropical gardens spanning 3 acres ensure you are always close to nature, providing a therapeutic respite from the urban rush.

Bangkok Garden’s spacious and modern apartments are fully furnished havens of comfort and luxury. From kitchens with everything you need to prepare meals to spacious living areas, it truly feels like home. Expats especially love the facilities we offer. Our amenities include two swimming pools, a jogging track, a basketball court, a table tennis area, fitness room, sauna and hot tub, making relaxation and staying active a breeze.

Families with children will appreciate the playground along with wide lawns and safe garden paths for exploration. With 24-hour security, the safety of our residents is a top priority.

Seeking a luxurious escape in the heart of Bangkok? Choose Bangkok Garden in Sathorn, your tropical oasis amidst the urban landscape and one of the best Bangkok neighbourhoods for expats to live in. View our available rooms today.