Best 3 and 4-Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Sathorn for Active Families


Best 3 and 4-Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Sathorn for Active Families 1

Renting a 3 or 4-bedroom apartment in Sathorn can provide you with options to suit your family’s active lifestyle and be convenient to your workplace and your children’s school as well. 

If you’re relocating to Bangkok for work, you need to find an appropriate place to live for you and your family. There are many 1 and 2-bedroom apartments for rent all over Bangkok. But you have a large and active family. You need as many as 3 and 4-bedrooms to provide your family with the space they need to be happy. And these can be much harder to find. 

Living near your workplace is also desirable. You and your family may be unfamiliar with all the bewildering types of different public transportation Bangkok offers, and you may just feel more comfortable living close to your workplace.

Finding quality schools for your children can also be an issue, depending on your location. Your children may be independent and want to go to school by themselves. But knowing they’re in an unfamiliar city where they may not speak the language is something that can worry parents. Having a school close by that they can safely travel to is a must for many parents when they relocate to a new city.

Serviced Apartments

If both parents have careers, things can get even more complicated and finding quality time you can spend together as a family can be even more elusive. What you don’t need in your life is having to take care of household chores that lessen the amount of time you spend with your family. 

But one remedy to this situation is to rent a 4 or 3-bedroom serviced apartment in Sathorn. Renting a serviced apartment frees you from having to deal with all the household chores that can take up a lot of your free time. 

When you rent a fully-serviced apartment, you’ll enjoy a washing machine, and a large, LCD TV. Your spacious kitchen will be equipped with a full set of kitchen utensils and tableware, a microwave, a large refrigerator, an electric stove, an electric kettle, a toaster and drinking water. 

The bathrooms will feature complimentary toiletries when you first arrive, as well as a hairdryer, iron and ironing board. 

But perhaps the best feature is the maid service 3-times a week that will provide fresh towels, linens and blankets for all the beds in the apartment. 

3-bedroom Apartments in Bangkok

As kids get older, they naturally want to have a room to call their own. This means that even for a small family of two children, you’re going to have to look for at least a 3-bedroom apartment to keep everyone in the family happy. 

But 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Sathorn, Bangkok are almost as rare as 4-bedroom apartments. If you do find them, they’re often in older buildings that don’t offer all the recreational facilities that your active family needs to enjoy their lifestyle to the fullest. 

Bangkok Garden Apartments Provide for All the Needs of Your Family

Bangkok Garden offers 3 and 4-bedroom apartments in Sathorn that easily satisfy all the requirements of an active family who want to live close to the parent’s workplace, and the children’s school. They also offer serviced apartments that provide more time to spend with your active family.

And unlike some multi-bedroom apartments located in ageing buildings with limited or non-existent recreational facilities, a Bangkok Garden apartment is located in a walled compound of lush, tropical gardens, sunny lawns, swimming pools and enough sports facilities to keep a professional athlete in top shape. 

The facilities go well beyond the athletic. Bangkok Garden also features a convenience store, a Starbucks, five different restaurants, and a hair salon.  

These spacious apartments feature floor-to-ceiling windows, expansive modern kitchens with all the latest appliances, and all the room your growing family needs. Our 3-bedroom serviced apartments in Sathorn come in two sizes to suit your family’s lifestyle. Type A features a spacious 120 sqm of floor area. Type B goes far beyond that by offering a whopping 240 sqm of floor area to satisfy all the needs of an active family.  

Discover the Convenience of Raising a Family in the Heart of Bangkok

For a healthy and active, career-minded family, Bangkok Garden represents a perfect home that has so much to offer, you’ll feel like your family’s life is complete. 

Discover the convenience of raising a family in the heart of Bangkok by arranging a tour of the available apartments and facilities at Bangkok Garden and experience the lifestyle that your family can enjoy.