5 Things to Consider in Renting a Sathorn Apartment


Most expats and Thais who move to the city for business, consider renting a non-serviced apartment or a serviced apartment in the Sathorn area of Bangkok

The Sathorn area is in the heart of Bangkok’s financial and business district. But convenience to your place of work shouldn’t be your only consideration. Just as important is the overall ‘livability’ of the apartment, particularly when you’re relocating along with your family

Make a list of your priorities in what you’re looking for in an apartment before you start looking. Finding an apartment that meets all your priorities will make your search easier and more productive. Use the following aspects as inspiration in setting your priorities. 



The city is made up of unique neighbourhoods that all have their attributes. The fact that the Sathorn area is known as the business district doesn’t really tell the complete story of this neighbourhood. 

Rent a serviced apartment in Sathorn, Bangkok, and you’ll find yourself in a completely ‘family-friendly’ environment with quality international schools, convenient transportation in the MRT and BTS Skytrain, great shopping and a trendy and eclectic restaurant scene as well. Spend some time touring the neighbourhood to get a feel of what it can offer. 

Neighbourhoods in Bangkok can be loud and vibrant entertainment districts or quiet residential areas with tree-lined streets. They can also fall somewhere in between these two extremes. This is why exploring the neighbourhood in which you intend to live is so important.  


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When we talk about ‘location’, we’re talking about the apartment’s proximity to services and facilities you are likely to be regularly using. Things like apartments near international schools in Sathorn, transportation, hospitals and shopping centres. 

This should help you narrow down your choices to what is acceptable to you and other members of your family. Having school-age children may dictate a location depending on the quality of the schools. For people who enjoy entertaining, quality restaurants close to your home may be a high priority. 

Sathorn offers both the MRT and the BTS Skytrain rail transit systems. These two systems are interconnected and between them can get you practically anywhere in the city you want to go. They are both in the process of being expanded to service other parts of Bangkok as well. 

Budget and Contract Terms


Your budget will likely determine how much room you can afford. But it can also play a part in determining the neighbourhood in which you live. Like most major cities, Bangkok has desirable neighbourhoods that can charge higher rents because of the attractions they offer to residents. The facilities, support and service that your apartment building offers can also be dictated by your budget. 

Before you begin apartment hunting in Bangkok, have at least a ballpark figure of what you’re willing to spend for an apartment and add it to your list of priorities. This will save you time in crossing off those possibilities that either don’t meet your standards or are way beyond your price range.  

Contract terms are pretty standardised in Bangkok. Generally, if you’re looking at renting a non-serviced apartment, you’ll be offered a year’s lease as the shortest time option. This fact is what has made serviced apartments so attractive to singles, couples and families that need to stay flexible in their accommodation options. 

A serviced apartment in Sathorn can be rented for as short as a month’s stay, or for as long as you’d like. For business people whose lives revolve around their work-life, serviced apartments are a great convenience that satisfies a number of their priorities.


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Because of the building boom in Bangkok that began about ten-fifteen years ago, the facilities and amenities offered by most serviced apartments and condos for rent in Sathorn provide residents with practically everything they need.

Convenience stores, restaurants, fitness centres, swimming pools, gardens, beauty salons, and 24-hour security are just some of the facilities regularly offered on the grounds of many condos and serviced apartments. 

The results of the building boom have been a bonanza for residents of the city. Developers tried to outdo each other in the variety, and quality of the facilities and amenities they offered. The renters of the city were the ones who reaped the benefits.  

Support and Service

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Few accommodations options can come close to rivalling the serviced apartment in the type of support and services offered. Washing machines, weekly cleaning, changing of linens and towels, and 24-hour security services are just some of the support services offered by staying in a serviced apartment. 

Bangkok Gardens are one of the top choices of expats and Thais looking for apartments and serviced apartments in the Sathorn area. They offer spacious two and three-bedroom apartments with a variety of some of the best facilities, amenities, and conveniences. 

Whether you’re looking for a serviced apartment or condo in Sathorn, Bangkok Garden should be your first destination when setting out on an apartment hunt in Bangkok.